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Duktape 2.5 release notes

Release overview

Main changes in this release (see RELEASES.rst for full details):

  • Move CBOR support from extras to Duktape internals. Both the C API (duk_cbor_encode(), duk_cbor_decode()) and ECMAScript API (CBOR.encode(), CBOR.decode()) are enabled by default.
  • Add duk_pull() API call.
  • Add "globalThis" binding, enabled by default. This replaces the previous "global" binding (which was disabled by default) to match the revised "global" specification.
  • Various fixes and portability improvements.

Upgrading from Duktape 2.4

No action (other than recompiling) should be needed for most users to upgrade from Duktape v2.4.x. Note the following:

  • CBOR built-in is enabled by default. You can disable it by disabling the DUK_USE_CBOR_SUPPORT and DUK_USE_CBOR_BUILTIN config options. If you're using the CBOR extra, you should migrate to the built-in CBOR support.
  • globalThis binding is now enabled by default; it can be disabled by disabling the DUK_USE_GLOBAL_BINDING config option.