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Duktape 2.4 release notes

Release overview

Main changes in this release (see RELEASES.rst for full details):

  • Symbol built-in is now enabled by default.
  • Add duk_push_bare_array() API call which pushes a bare Array, i.e. one that doesn't inherit from Array.prototype.
  • Add duk_to_stacktrace() and duk_safe_to_stacktrace() to make it easier to get stacktraces in C code.
  • Add duk_require_constructable() and duk_require_constructor_call().
  • Various fixes and portability improvements. Special thanks to Renata Hodovan for several issues found using Fuzzinator (

Upgrading from Duktape 2.3

No action (other than recompiling) should be needed for most users to upgrade from Duktape v2.3.x. Note the following:

  • Symbol built-in (Symbol(xxx), Symbol.toPrimitive, etc) is now enabled by default. If you don't want the built-in, disable DUK_USE_SYMBOL_BUILTIN in tools/
  • The DUK_USE_USER_DECLARE config option was removed. If in use, replace with a fixup file/line.