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Vivliostyle は現在、以下の各 CSS 機能(ValuesSelectorsAt-rulesMedia queriesProperties)をサポートしています。

このほかにも、ブラウザでサポートされる CSS プロパティと値は基本的にすべて利用可能です。Vivliostyle.js は独自の処理をしない CSS プロパティについてはブラウザに処理を任せるためです。




Selectors 3

Selectors 4

CSS Overflow 4




CSS Namespaces 3

CSS Conditional Rules 3

CSS Conditional Rules 4

CSS Paged Media 3

See also: Properties in CSS Paged Media 3

CSS Generated Content for Paged Media (GCPM) 3

  • Nth page selector :nth(An+B)
    • The :nth(An+B) syntax is supported but the :nth(An+B of <custom-ident>) is not yet supported.
    • Note: In multi-document publications, the :nth(1) matches the first page of each document, but the :first matches only the first page of the first document. [Issue]

See also:

CSS Fonts 3

See also: Properties in CSS Fonts 3

Media queries



CSS Paged Media 3

  • bleed
    • Only effective when specified within an @page rule without page selectors
  • marks
    • Only effective when specified within an @page rule without page selectors
  • size
    • Supports all required values and proposed values A0-A10, B0-B10, C0-C10 and JIS-B0-JIS-B10. See [Pull Request]
  • crop-offset
    • Specifies distance between the edge of the trim size and the edge of the output page media size
    • Only effective when specified within an @page rule without page selectors
    • This property is not standardized yet. See [Issue]
  • page (Named Pages)

See also: At-rules in CSS Paged Media 3

CSS Generated Content for Paged Media (GCPM) 3

See also:

CSS Fragmentation 3

CSS Fragmentation 4

CSS Page Floats

  • clear
    • Supports none, left, right, top, bottom, both, all, same values.
    • When all is specified on a block-level box (not a page float), the block-start edge of the box gets pushed down so that the edge comes after any block-start/block-end page float of which anchors are before the box in the document order.
    • When a clear value is specified on a page float, it is placed so that it comes after any of preceding page floats.
    • same value means the same direction as one which the page float is floated to.
    • If a page float with float: snap-block would be placed at the block-start end but a clear value on it forbidden such placement, the float is instead placed at the block-end side (unless the clear value also forbidden such placement).
  • float
  • float-reference
  • float-min-wrap-block
    • Applies to a page float
    • A percentage value is respect to the block dimension of the float reference of the page float
    • When set to a positive length, in-flow contents are not allowed to be flown into a space next to the page float if the block extent of the space is less than the specified length. In that case, the space is kept empty and the in-flow contents are deferred to the next column.
    • This property is not standardized yet. See [Pull Request]

CSS Color 3

See also: Values - Supported color values

CSS Backgrounds and Borders 3

CSS Images 3

  • object-fit
  • object-position
  • image-resolution
    • Only <resolution> value is supported.
    • Only supported for content of img, input[type=image] and video (applied to poster images) elements and before/after pseudoelements. Other images such as background images, list images or border images are not supported.
    • The property is applied to vector images such as SVG, as well as raster images. This behavior is different from what the spec specifies.

CSS Fonts 3

See also: At-rules in CSS Fonts 3

CSS Text 3

CSS Text 4

  • text-spacing
    • Supported values: normal | auto | none | [ trim-start | space-start | space-first ] || [ trim-end | space-end | allow-end ] || [ trim-adjacent | space-adjacent ] || ideograph-alpha || ideograph-numeric

    • Note:

      • normal is equivalent to space-first trim-end trim-adjacent ideograph-alpha ideograph-numeric
      • auto is equivalent to trim-start trim-end trim-adjacent ideograph-alpha ideograph-numeric
      • ideograph-alpha and ideograph-numeric create 1/8em space

      See [Pull Request ]

CSS Text Decoration 3

CSS Multi-column 1

Note: Currently the multi-column layout works well only when specified on the root or body element. [Issue]

CSS Basic User Interface 3

CSS Writing Modes 3

CSS Flexible Box 1

CSS Transforms 1

Compositing and Blending 1

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 2

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.1

CSS Masking 1

Filter Effects 1

Pointer Events

CSS Logical Properties and Values 1

EPUB Adaptive Layout

Note: This spec is not on a W3C standards track. Future version of Vivliostyle may drop support for this spec.



CSS Repeated Headers and Footers

Note: 本仕様案は、CSS Working Groupへの提出は未定です。