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sokol_memtrack.h -- memory allocation wrapper to track memory usage of sokol libraries

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Optionally provide the following defines with your own implementations:

SOKOL_MEMTRACK_API_DECL - public function declaration prefix (default: extern) SOKOL_API_DECL - same as SOKOL_MEMTRACK_API_DECL SOKOL_API_IMPL - public function implementation prefix (default: -)

If sokol_memtrack.h is compiled as a DLL, define the following before including the declaration or implementation:



Just plug the malloc/free wrapper functions into the desc.allocator struct provided by most sokol header setup functions:

    .allocator = {
        .alloc = smemtrack_alloc,
        .free = smemtrack_free,

Then call smemtrack_info() to get information about current number of allocations and overall allocation size:

const smemtrack_info_t info = smemtrack_info();
const int num_allocs = info.num_allocs;
const int num_bytes = info.num_bytes;

Note the sokol_memtrack.h can only track allocations issued by the sokol headers, not allocations that happen under the hood in system libraries.


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